October 18, 2008

Various Uses for Favorite Crochet Stitch

I promised pictures of my favorite old dishcloths and hot pads and such, so here you go. I made all of these items several years ago so they really have been through the ringer, but do hold up well.
(All images are clickable).

Here are hot pads in two different sizes. I made the rectangle to accommodate a baking pan, oblong casserole or lasagna dish.

I’ve used the same crochet stitch for a number of other things as well. Here it is again underneath a planter to catch any moisture or drips …

… and in another rectangle made to fit the
back of the tank in the bathroom.

I’ve made larger to use as a bath mat to keep tootsies from getting cold when first getting up in the morning (I don’t have a photo as it’s presently in service under a small aquarium). The smaller are great as coasters to be used for a mug rug or candle.

Once you have a crochet pattern stitch that you like, it’s easy to modify the number of stitches to create a variety of different things that are quite useful around the house. A set of place mats, hot pads and dish cloths makes a great gift from your own hands that is as pretty as it is functional.


Lesalicious said...

Hi thanks for the kind words you gave me on my blog.

Love your blog and your crochet projects. Great job.

I will totally have to drop into your blog and check out your work.
Drop by anytime.:)

RecycleCindy said...

I came over for a visit after you were at my blog. Glad you liked my recycled shoulder bag. It is a really easy pattern and does work up quickly. I like your dishcloths and was wondering which stitch you say you used for all these? Good luck with the blog and happy crocheting!

Marie Anne said...

Cyndy, I don't know what the stitch is named, but it is simply:

Chain desired length, dc in 4th ch from hook, sk 1, sc and dc in next st(both in same st), sk 1, sc and dc in next st, sk 1, and repeat across, ending with 1 sc, ch 2 and turn.

Row 2 starts with 1 dc in first st (the single was done at the end of the last row), sk 1, sc and dc in same st, repeating again across the row.

Repeat that row for however long you want your piece. Once you get going, you'll see the little hole that the sc/dc need to go in and you'll be able to work it up very fast without having to count the skipped st.

I've used this for all the afghans shown below. So quick and easy!

Yarnjeannie said...

What great ideas you have for these!