November 23, 2008

Easy Shawl, Quick Scarves and Hexagonal Afghan Update

As usual, I've got several projects going at once and can't wait to start more. I know you can identify with that!

(All images are clickable)

I finished two scarves that a sweet online friend commissioned me to do for her. They were very simple to do and worked up quickly.

I can never get the color red to show up well in a photo, but the tan one is a good representation.

I sure hope she likes them!

I've looked and looked for a simple shawl pattern as I'd love one to drape around my shoulders while I watch TV and crochet, or sit here at the computer. I managed to crochet this simple granny shawl pattern in a little more than an evening, but I didn't have enough yarn on hand to make it large enough for me so impatient person that I am, I finished it off in a size that would be perfect for a young lady.

Now I just need to find a young lady that would like a simple black and white granny shawl. Maybe I'll list it for sale on Etsy.

I've almost finished the hexagonal afghan I started a while back. I thought I would have enough yarn to complete it this time, but I think it needs another row or two to make it long enough. I still like the yarn color combination of coffee, turqua and white - I don't think the photo does it justice.

I'm still working on afghans to bring to my local VA hospital. I've got two afghans large enough to easily cover twin sized beds, and two lapghans to give to wheelchair patients, and I'm working on a full sized afghan from scrap yarn that is going to be very pretty, if I ever get the scraps together to finish it.

I think I'll work up a few scarves and maybe some hats too, as a lot of the patients go outside for smoke breaks and such and it's pretty cold here in Ohio this time of year.

So - what are YOU working on?


Crafty Gardener said...

Your shawl turned out great. I just made a very easy Shoulder Snuggle ... very similar to a shawl. Pop over and see it and get a link to the pattern. It just might be what you are looking for.

Ms Sharon Marie said...

You do very nice work!