February 9, 2009

Latest WIPs

Like most of you, I seem to have several projects going at once. If you crochet and only work on one item at a time, I'd love to hear how you do it!

(click photos to enlarge)

I've already made one afghan with this pattern and picked this one back up again the other day, but then put it down again to make a scarf out of the same stitch (and colors, LOL) and wrote down the pattern to share. You can find the scarf pattern in the post immediately preceding this one, or click here.

I'm also working on two more, one in RH Linen, and the other in Hobby Lobby's ILTY- Naturals. They are similar patterns that I worked up myself, and I guess I should get that written down and posted too. All are very easy and quick to work up, but pretty nonetheless. The photo of the variegated doesn't do it justice.

Other than crocheting, I've been trying to keep my other blogs updated (here and here) as well as earn those pennies online.

So, how many projects are YOU working on?

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Yarn Princess said...

One project at a time??? Is there really anyone who can do that??? Geeze... I have 4 here on the bed with me alone! (Ok... one is actually new yarn that I am caking but it WILL be a project soon.)

Then there are at least 4-5 more in my field of vision and then there is the multitudes in the next room with most of the yarn.