October 10, 2009

Quick and Easy Slipper Pattern to Crochet

I love crochet slippers but have a hard time finding one that is really simple to make. Many of the so-called easy slipper patterns still require some amount of counting, increasing and decreasing.

A friend had sent me a pair of knitted tube slippers and I decided to see what I could crochet in a similar manner. I was finally able to work out this pattern in a simple rectangle that is pulled taut at one end and laces like a shoe.

Since it is laced up and not stitched, it would make a wonderful 'boot' for someone in a cast or with a foot wrapped in bandages.

Below is the finished slipper sock. You can find the pattern with additional photos at Quick and Easy Slipper Pattern to Crochet

Here is the completed slipper after it is laced with the chain 'shoestring'

More photos may be seen at Easy Crochet Slipper Sock Pattern where I have the laces done in the contrasting color so they show up better.


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glor said...

Your patterns are lovely. Thank you for sharing them.