February 2, 2010

Basic Crochet Granny Squares for Friends and Charity

It took me forever to master the basic granny square in crochet, but I think I've finally got the simple squares figured out. I think I shot myself in the foot by trying to learn some of the more difficult granny squares at first. Since I never liked working in the round, that was a disaster from the start.

Now that I've played with basic granny squares a bit, I think I can do one well enough to share with those who ask for donations of granny squares to make crochet afghans and blankets, comfortghans and other charity causes.

Here are a couple I've made recently. Again, they're just basic grannies, nothing special.

These two 8" granny squares will be sent to a friend that is making an afghan from squares made by all her crochet friends.

These three 12" squares will go to someone crocheting a comfortghan for a woman whose daughter is extremely ill and hospitalized. I'm working on squares for a blanket for the sick little girl too and will probably post that for WIP Wednesday tomorrow.

The pink and green squares are shown laying on my bed quilt, and I think the colors look pretty good. I've already started another throw for my bed in a shell pattern, but now that I've seen the granny squares, I may change my mind!

Don't forget to play along with WIP Wednesday tomorrow!

1 comment:

Shana said...

it is true. Once you figure them out they are so simple and I love them. Those do look really good with your bedding too!