February 6, 2010

Where Are My Baby Blankets?

I know I'm getting old, but this is ridiculous.

My clutter of crochet was becoming overwhelming, so a couple of weeks ago I sorted through all the yarn, crochet hooks and finished projects to try to make sense of it all. I took a couple of completed baby blankets and put them up, and now I can't find them.

I thought I had tucked them in an unused dresser drawer, but I have checked all drawers, closets, chests and everything else imaginable several times with no luck - it seems they just disappeared.

A great-niece just had a baby girl and of course I wanted to send one of those blankets but noooooo, I had to start another one. I honestly didn't need another crochet project right now but I'm sure you know how that goes, we start them anyway.

Can you check your stash and see if my baby blankets somehow ended up there?

p.s. It's not too late to post something for WIP Wednesday this week.


Melody said...

LOL I'll check my crochet stash for you, Marie Anne! :)

Sharon Marie said...

Do I have to? I can't find anything in my makeshift yarn warehouse lol! Ok, for you I'll go ahead and check my stash!

Shana said...

haha not here!!

Steph said...