February 19, 2010

February Crochet Charity Blitz

Each month on Crochetville, a six-day period is set aside where some members work on crochet projects for their favorite charity, hence the Charity Blitz.

This month's Charity Blitz is running February 18-23 and many of us are crocheting feverishly. Some crafters are working on smaller projects like hats or scarves and are able to complete quite a few crochet items. I've got a few afghans and wheelchair lapghans that I started some time ago that I wanted to donate to my local VA Hospital, but never got around to finishing them. I decided to pull out some of those projects and devote the 6 days of the Charity Blitz this month towards getting at least one of them finished.

I've made contact with one of the nurses at the VA and she is looking forward to what I can do to help brighten things up a bit for the veterans on her ward, and I'm excited that I finally have a liaison there to coordinate with.

Here are some of the things I've started.

(Jethro not included)

I think I have another projector two that aren't pictured here, but this is what I found without much digging. I'm not sure if I'll pick up where I left off or just start over on the other two, but I'm working on the granny square scrap afghan now. I hope I'll be posting a photo of the completed project by the end of the Blitz.


Caroline said...

Your afghans look great, love the JRT puppy. Are you sure he dosen't come with the blankets?

Martie said...

Those lapghans look lovely! I love the colors on both and the puppy looks so cute with them. Wonder if they would let you take him to brighten some Veterans day sometime?