October 29, 2010

FPF - Free Pattern Friday Debut - Fingerless Gloves

To get myself posting on a more regular basis, I thought I'd start sharing a free crochet pattern every week, so today is the debut posting of FPF - Free Pattern Friday.  Sometimes they'll be patterns of my own (like today), sometimes they'll be patterns I've found online that have quickly become favorites, and of course there will be those that I fell in love with but can only dream about because they're way out of  my comfort zone.

Today's free crochet pattern is for a pair of fingerless gloves that I whipped up recently.  I thought they'd make a great gift when paired with a hat and/or scarf (I'll share those patterns on future FPFs).

Who needs fingerless gloves?  They're popular among the younger crowd as they can have a goth or steampunk look to them.  Think high school band members; wrists and hands will be warm while fingers are free to play instruments.  Wrist warmers in school colors would likely be a hit.

Isn't everyone into texting these days?  Fingerless gloves are perfect for those who update their Twitter or Facebook status while on the go.

Some also call them gauntlets or wrist warmers, but whatever name you want to put on them, they're a welcome wardrobe accessory in the cold winter months.  Find my free pattern for fingerless gloves here.

P.S.  I'll be cruising through free patterns from other bloggers, so keep an eye out for some link love!


glor said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I will be trying these for sure.

Beansieleigh said...

I'm very much guilty of buying the cheap 99-cents pairs of knit gloves, in various fun colors, so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fingerless gloves for not only the cute look, to go with them, but for the WARMTH! Thanks for sharing your pattern, because I'm sure it won't be long before I'll need to wear them around here!... Have a great weekend! ~tina

'Cause I'm a Blonde said...

I love these!! I have a pattern to knit a pair flat that I just haven't brought myself to try out (as it's always a production remembering how to cast onto knitting needles!)

I gotta say these are FANTASTIC for those of us who work in freezing cold office buildings (the ones that basically refuse to turn the air conditioning off during the winter months) and spend 95% of my day typing furiously at 80 WPM.

I hope to have pictures of these to share on my blog soon - keep an eye out!

sandy said...

Packing for a trip so tight on time; but wanted to say hi. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Ross County, we must connect on that too on my return.
Please come again