November 5, 2010

Hexagon Pattern for Free Pattern Friday - FPF

I'm just about finished with the hexagon toddler blanket I posted about on WIP Wednesday this week and thought I'd share the pattern.   (Pics of what I started with are in that link.  Will post more next Wed).

I used the hexagon pattern on Crochetville and really like it.  The way she worded the first part was a bit odd, but once I figured out what the result was supposed to be on that starting round, I was fine.  The pattern works up very quickly since there's virtually no counting involved and results in a beautiful blanket or lapghan.  Be creative with choice of colors and number of rounds and get a completely different look.

I'm going to be making more of these for sure and might list a few to sell on Etsy.  I've also got something floating around in my head for a different hexagon pattern, but need to tidy up a few loose ends before I can try to work on that.

Have a great weekend!


Sharon Marie said...

Yours looks pretty so far--looking forward to seeing the finished product. I made an adult sized one and I ended up with a "line" where I started the new rounds. I don't get this with the rr afghans but the hexagon ended up with one. Yours looks nice and tidy. :)

Clara said...

Really nice Marie Ann and thanks for sharing the pattern.