November 23, 2010

Scarf Pattern Prototype

This week I've been working on getting a slideshow together to show how to do the crochet stitch used in a pattern I've written up. The pattern is ready to publish, but I don't want to submit it until I have the slideshow up, since I want to put the link to the photo slideshow in the article.

Anywho, here are photos of the prototype I worked on yesterday.

I used old yarn that had been frogged from an earlier project so I'm not happy with the way it lays, but I started another with a new skein of Vanna White yarn and love the way it's turning out. I should have photos of that one and others by the time the pattern is up, which should be next week or so. I think it's going to be another popular one and can't wait to finish a few to put on Etsy.

I know everyone's probably busy with the holiday, but are you still working on things in between baking and getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast?

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glor said...

The pattern is just are very talented! Can't wait to see the article.

Beansieleigh said...

Love your scarf, Marie Anne, but can't find your "you are next" button. I was hoping to link up today, but that's ok... Just want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving anyways!! ~tina

mommaof3 said...

scarf is beautiful

Marsha S said...

I don't see the linky but my post is at

I haven't made a scarf in a long time. I like the pattern you are using.

I've been working on building up my etsy store and in hopes to get at least 5 or 6 more things listed in today. I have a lot to learn there yet on joining groups and such.


Marie Anne said...

Sorry the 'you are next' didn't show up for a bit. Blogger hiccuped ... all is well now!

Caroline said...

Love that pattern! Looks great with that color too!

Clara said...

Very pretty pattern!