December 22, 2010

More Yarn = More Projects

I was able to complete a few things and get them in the mail this week, so now its back to working on things that weren't needed in the rush for Christmas delivery.  I can't believe I shipped a scarf off to my son and didn't take a photo first.  I guess I'll have to ask him to take a photo wearing it (he dabbles in both photography and modeling, so it would be a much better photo than anything I could take anyway, I'm sure).

I'll be making dishcloths out of this lavender-y purple cotton yarn with my Quick and Easy Dishcloth Pattern.

And I have an order for a wider waffle mini scarf to make with purple amethyst acrylic yarn.  I'll be using my Waffle Neckwarmer Pattern, but making it a little wider and longer, sans buttons.

I liked the way the burgundy flecked hat turned out, so I bought the similarly flecked black yarn at Hobby Lobby the other day and will make another hat and mini scarf.  (Gotta love those Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons!)

Are you still finishing up Christmas projects?

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glor said...

Love the color of the yarns, can't wait to see the finished product. Have a lovely day and a Blessed Christmas.

glor said...

ps...hope to join in on your WIP Wednesday in the next week or so!

Clara said...

The lavender Sugar n' Cream looks beautiful and will be perfect in you dishcloth pattern.

Marsha S said...

I had a washcloth order for purple and used that very same purple to make them!

I gal at church gave me a bag of yarn. Some of it is the fancy stuff. I think I may try making socks with it.