January 30, 2011

Brand New Feature - Send Me Your Links!

I have a number of my own free crochet patterns that I share on this blog, and I put a tag on them so you can find them easier. Not everyone thinks to do that, so I decided to make a separate page on this blog just for links to free patterns.

I've created a separate page for links to free crochet and also free knit patterns. I've put a few of my own on the free crochet pattern page (link above) and have set up the free knit pattern page but don't have any links yet. If you'd like to be included, please send the links to your free knit and crochet patterns to CrookedYarn@gmail.com and I'll add them ASAP. No links to commercial sites like Lion Brand or Caron please, just your own personal patterns (or those of a friend, etc) published on a blog or website.

I know a lot of you have shared my free crochet patterns with your readers, and this is my way of returning the favor.

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