April 15, 2011

Marking Your Spot With Stitch Markers

Do you use markers to keep your place when you crochet?  I'll confess, I've never used a stitch marker even once.  The only stitch markers I've ever seen in the store are those that are a continuous circle that you slip on over your knitting needle; how would something like that work in crochet?  I don't get it.

Looking on Etsy, I see that some are made with a small clip and that makes more sense to me as someone who crochets.

Many are beautiful works of art created with fancy beads or polymer clay, and others are more whimsical and fun.  These chicken stitch markers would be perfect for me (I have nine laying hens and just bought six baby chicks), but made for knitting needles which do me no good (they're also from a crafter across the pond, so shipping costs would put them out of my range).

I suppose you could put any little doo-dad on a tiny clip and make your own stitch marker, and I probably shouldn't have looked through Etsy because now I'll want to make some myself and know I'd never be able to pull it off.

So what about you, do you use stitch markers when you crochet?  Do you make do with a safety pin or do you have some cutesy little bauble that reflects your personality?

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ladydragonfly said...

I have never used a stitch marker either. The chicken ones are so cute, but like you said, how would you use them for crochet. I use a safety pin when I do need to use something. I have never seen one for crochet. Will have to check them out on Etsy.

Anonymous said...

How big would it need to be? I've seen teeny clothespins used for craft projects (we have some). I've seen them with magnets on them, to be used as refrigerator clips.

vikki said...

I have used safety pins on the thread stuff and use hairpin (bobby pin) on yarn or thicker cotton. I tend to lose things so I don't think I will invest in markers until I find my hooks that the chair ate. Have a great weekend

Andi said...

Clover makes some awesome stitch makers for crochet! I LOVE them and never thought any would work for me before. Definitely google them or try your LYS. ( I got mine off amazon as I have no LYS. ) I think they are called locking ring, but the look a tad like safety pins.

Anonymous said...

I've never used a stitch marker, but then again, I've only done such pitifully simple projects that they all but crochet themselves.

My “M” post is right here: http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/medical-marijuana.html

Misha said...

I'm so glad I found this blog. I love to crochet, so I'd love to pick up some tips.


Theresa Wiza said...

On occasion I have used stitch markers, but I use baby hair clips. Squeeze them open – clamp them shut. Simple and they don't cost a lot. For me I think they would come in handy for knitting – I can't seem to knit at all unless I'm just straight knitting – no purling and NO fancy stitches. My projects always become twisted. Maybe those markers would help. Or maybe I'll just stick to crocheting. My newest A-Z blog is here, but you already know about the topic: http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/2011/04/networked-blogs-on-facebook.html

Megan said...

I usually use a safety pin or pull a bit of contrasting yarn in to mark my stitches. And I only use it if I really have too! I'm much too lazy otherwise!! I have seen some cute ones though using earrings, like the crochet ones on the link below: http://convivialcrafter.blogspot.com/2009/10/stitch-marker-tutorial.html