April 25, 2011

What's an Uglee?

Do you crochet uglees?  I know some of my finished pieces have turned out pretty ugly, but I'm talking uglee - little critters that are so ugly they're cute.

An uglee is basically a simple amigurumi shape (square, rectangle, triangle) that has oddball facial features added.   Since the whimsical little monsters are more fun than ugly, someone coined the term uglee.  A cyclops with one big eye in the middle or eyes that don't match are common uglee traits.

Photo by Christine
Christine over at The Kansas Hooker has a cute uglee family collection of patterns to share.  This photo is of Baby Uglee, but she also has:

Lil Uglee
Rectangle Uglee
Triangle Uglee

I'm still a novice at ami, but I'm pretty sure even I could come up with a pretty cute uglee of my own.  Have you tried to crochet an uglee?

I'm taking the A-Z Blogging Challenge, where I will post something from each letter of the alphabet on the corresponding day in April, except for Sunday, on (hopefully) all four of my blogs. You can see my other blogs in the sidebar - More of Marie Anne.


Caroline said...

Yay! Thanks for featuring my Uglees! Of course, I love a little uglee in my life, so I'm thilled someone else might too!

ladydragonfly said...

These are adorable. I will have to make a few of these.

Sandy said...

I've not tried any amigurumi, I can't even actually pronounce it. lol I never remember how to spell it either.

How do you get your name signature below your post? That's a nice touch.

I'm not understanding what you mean about a-z corresponding day?


Sandy said...

ooophs, hit send to quickly. Hope you'll swing by for a visit, today is post #400 over on The Bridge, and tomorrow the contest starts.

Word Nerd said...

These are so cute! And I think that even I could make something similar, and my grandkids will love them. :O)

My A-Z Blogging “U” Post

vikki said...

Haven't tried AMI had to abbreviate it as I was having trouble spelling it also..I think I just might have to give it a shot..

~Niki~ said...

those are cute~my dogs would love those, rip 'em to pieces for sure LOL.

CrochetBlogger said...

I haven't done any amigurumi but I love looking at it - very cute uglees!

Susan said...

Very cute! I have to make some of these. :)

I'm doing the A to Z Challenge, too:
Haiku Corner
Stay Calm and Carry On