May 17, 2011

New Ripple Baby Blanket Pattern

I posted the other day that I found a new ripple baby blanket pattern on a friend's blog and was able to find the pattern leaflet on amazon. It came in Tues, just in time for WIP Wednesday!

When it said leaflet, I thought that's exactly what it would be, just a few pages of patterns. I was pleasantly surprised to open my package and see that it was more of a book rather than leaflet.  It's Our Best Baby Afghans (Leisure Arts #2853) and has over 50 patterns inside!

Here's the Downy Soft ZigZag I'm going to do. It's made with long double crochet (Ldc) and extended long double crochet (ex Ldc) stitches, so will be just a little different than the normal ripple pattern.

Now to see what two colors of yarn I have on hand to get started on it.

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Mindy said...

I was surprised they called it a "leaflet," too! Did you find any others in there that you like?

I don't have any links to add today since my crocheting projects are all currently "secrets." But I keep your button on my sidebar!

Sandy said...

Wow...this is my 4th try to get your page to fully load this am so I could get in on the wip linky. See, I did remember. Not sure what the loading problem was, but I kept trying. Nice baby blanket.

CrochetBlogger said...

Ripples always look so lovely when done right!