May 10, 2011

WIP Back in Business

April was a busy month  with posting on all four blogs for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, so WIP Wednesday went by the wayside for a bit.  I'm back on track now and hopefully won't have any big gaps again. Thanks for sticking with me!

I haven't done any crocheting at all, what with all the other schtuff I  had going on.  I still have this lavender and cornmeal yellow baby blanket as my current WIP and not real motivated to get it done.  I had hoped to finish it before Easter and list it on Etsy, but it just didn't happen.  I've got another completely done and a second that's done except for weaving in ends, so I need to get on the stick and do that and get all three listed.

Lavender and Cornmeal Yellow Baby Blanket
I don't have much more to do on this one, so I need to get out of this slump and finish it off so I can at least get it out of my living room if not the house.

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Sandy said...

I need to remember you do this too, come next Wednesday. Love the color combination here.

Lenni said...

Love those colors! :D

Marsha S said...

I'm not getting the linky to can find my post here I do hope you will check it out as I severely need help on a crochet pattern and you may just know how to tell me to proceed with it. Thanks! Also thanks for hooking up with my giveaway linky as well!

Sharon Marie said...

I can't get the linky to work either. Maybe it's blogspot because I've had problems with it this morning. Anyway, here's my post:

Marie Anne said...

It's got to be a glitch on blogspot. When I click now it doesn't work either, and it looks like some weird website info. When I open to edit, the code looks fine. Wonder if linky has been hacked?

~Claire~ said...

(I just linked up no problem... Maybe it fixed itself?)

I really like how you increased the # of rows of each colour as you worked the blanket!!! And I agree, the colours are very nice together:)

stitches from wales said...

well I think I've done it right but today's post looks like double dutch!!! Havent tried it to see if it works

Megan said...

That blanket is beautiful, I love the color combo!