June 29, 2011

Too Many WIPs!

No crochet WIP for me again this week, been too busy with other WIPs,  This time it's my bedroom.  The rain we had for weeks a month or two back caused flooding up to my back door, and I didn't realize the standing water had reached beneath my bedroom floor.  It's now been torn up while I try to get the subfloor dried out so it can all be repaired.  Not much fun.

Throwing this quick post out there so others can still link to it.

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Sandy said...

Sorry to hear you've got such a mess going there, good luck getting it all taken care of. Hope you were able to keep all your yarn dry!

Marsha S said...

he he That's supposed to read many projects, not man projects.

Sounds like a mess in that bedroom.

CrochetBlogger said...

That type of meditative almost automatic crochet that you're doing with the dishcloths is often perfect for travel.