September 28, 2011

A Rose by Any Other Name ...

Ok, so I wax poetic.  (By the way, the sweet little lady protecting my afghan in the banner photo is Rose, who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge).

I need a name for this hat.

It's got little puffy ridges and then a few flat rows in between and I don't know what to call it.  Whatever it ends up being has to work for a scarf too since I'll be making one to match the hat here shortly.

Most of my patterns are really easy projects, and I like to put words like easy, quick, or simple in the title because  people turn to those type of patterns when looking for a quick gift item or when working up several of something for charity.  Lots of crafters just starting out look for simple patterns to try and I like to reel them in too when they're searching for patterns suitable for beginners.

This pattern isn't hard at all, but I don't need to stick with those words in the title (there's only so many times you can use them, ya know?), but I'd prefer that it begin with a letter in the first part of the alphabet (not a must, though).

The person won't see the photo of the hat until after they click the link, so I want the name to be crafty enough to get them to click.

I already have a hat pattern called Classy Cloche, and another that's a Cable Stitch Hat that didn't really get another name.

Put your (crocheted) thinking caps on!

Update:  I think I've decided on a name ... Anything But Drab Hat!  Look for the pattern to be published soon!


~Claire~ said...

I completely agree with your theories for naming! What about something along the lines of "Beginner's Puff Ridge Hat"?

drmr567 said...

How about "All About Texture Beanie" or "Simply Textured"?