January 13, 2012

Living Vicariously Through Sons of Anarchy

Guest post written by Jonathan Snipes

I started watching the show Sons of Anarchy right when my wife claims that my midlife crisis hit. I guess she may have been right. But because I watched that show and saw all of the trouble that gang got into, I kind of convinced myself out of buying a motorcycle. It's something that I thought about doing for a long time and even though I wasn't going to run off and join a biker gang, I decided that maybe I should just invest that money that I'd otherwise spend on a bike. I think my wife is content with me just watching that show instead of buying a bike.

She's even into it too and was online looking up spoilers before the new season started when she saw the site clear.com. We looked through it and changed over our internet service to it.

When we got married two decades ago, I never thought that my wife and I would possibly be watching a TV show about biker gangs together, but I guess that you can really surprise yourself in your old(er) age.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Glad to hear you didn't buy the bike. They are sooooooooo dangerous. I'm not familiar with the show; but glad you and your wife share that time together.