September 4, 2012

MA Featured on a FASHION Blog? Ha!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a fashionista.  As a retired Marine, I supplement my retired income by freelance writing, and of course selling a few pieces of my crochet work here and there.  None of those things require getting dolled up, although I do make sure I'm wearing clean jeans and a suitable top when venturing out to Walmart and other errands.

So how did I get featured on a fashion blog?

A combination of those things ... writing and crochet.

Fellow freelance writer ShawnTe played guinea pig when I first made some little round makeup remover pads a few months ago, and she loves them as gentle exfoliants when washing her face.  She was making up a gift basket for her friend, and thought some of my crocheted items might help fill it up.  She placed a special order for some washcloths and makeup remover pads in hot pink and bright yellow, and I threw in a matching soap sack to complete the spa set.

Pink and Yellow Spa Set © CrookedYarn 

© ShawnTe 
We've already established that I'm not a fashionista, but ShawnTe is, and she writes about beauty and fashion for several online venues and also maintains her own blog, SJP's Fashion Updates.  Today that blog features a post about the gift purchase she made for her friend from my Etsy Shop, and also what she has ordered for herself and her mother.  I'll not toot my own horn further but let her tell you all about it herself in her post, SJP's Fashion Spotlight: The Crooked Yarn.

ShawnTe is not only a beautiful and talented writer, she's a wonderful lady who I'm glad to call friend.  Thanks for the feature and review,  ShawnTe!


ShawnTe said...

It was my pleasure! Thanks for the shout out!

Glory Lennon said...

How nifty!

Sandy said...

I had to smile reading Fashionista knowing your Marine background. Very cool how she used your goodies to complete a gift basket. Great idea. Congrats to you, and I know how awesome your work is, so am not surprised she was so happy with her purchases.

M. J. Joachim said...

You've been linked on International Crochet Day:)