October 20, 2012

Catie Alice Baby Blanket and Hat Photos

I posted earlier about a blanket I had designed for Catie Alice, my first grandbaby who is due in a few weeks, but the photos I had before weren't the best.  I took everything outside and tried to get better photos in natural lighting, and these are just a little better.

I made a little hat to go with it too, but I haven't written up the pattern for that yet (I'll have to do another and write it down as I go).

Click photos to enlarge

If you missed it earlier, here's the free crochet pattern for the baby blanket (again, hat to follow if I can figure out what I did!).  It's crocheted with Lion Brand Baby's First, which is soft and stretchy and works up quickly.  I used Pixie Dust (cream/off-white) for this set.

Another free baby blanket and hat coming soon!

~ Marie Anne

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Glory Lennon said...

Too cute! What a lucky baby!