October 8, 2012

Latest Easy Baby Blanket With Stitch Tutorial

I just finished another super simple crochet baby blanket that can easily be worked up in a weekend.  The pattern is published on Yahoo! Voices and the photos below give a little better idea how to work one of the stitches in the pattern.

(I apologize for the lousy photos, but I didn't have much time for editing).

After skipping a stitch and working a HDC, wrap yarn around hook and work the next HDC by crossing over the one just worked, and insert it into the hole created by the skipped stitch, as indicated by the arrow.  Wrap yarn around hook and pull through, then wrap around and pull through all three stitches to complete the HDC as normal.  The only thing that's different about this HDC is that it's placed into the hole before the last stitch, instead of the next stitch to the left.

Here is one crossed-over HDC worked, with the next HDC made before working the next crossed-over HDC into the skipped space.

I created this blanket pattern for my first grandchild who is due to grace us with her presence in just a few weeks.  I hope she likes it!

~ Marie Anne


Glory Lennon said...

Oh, that is a nifty look! I'm going to try it soon. Looks easy enough, too. Thanks! :-)

Tara Danielle said...

Beautiful Stitch. I'm sure this would make a beautiful pattern for a scarf as well! I think I just may try this! ^_^