November 18, 2012

More Super Easy Scarf Patterns to Crochet

I've been on a scarf kick this past week and made up a few that I'll donate to charity.  I wrote up two very simple scarf patterns that anyone can do, even as a first crochet project.  They both work up quick enough that you can make several in a weekend.

These two photos are of my Couldn't-Be-Easier Jiffy Scarf, and the title says it all!  More photos in different yarn colors can be found at the pattern site by clicking the link.

The photo below is of a scarf pattern that I had published previously, but I moved it to another location.  You can find the pattern and more photos at Easy One Skein Scarf to Crochet. 

I've already made a couple of these this weekend and will be making more, and will donate all of them to charity.  It only takes a single skein of yarn to make either of these scarf patterns and using a fairly large crochet hook makes them go quickly, so they're good choices to make in large numbers.

~ Marie Anne

Color nature with Copic markers!


Linda said...

Love the scarves. Very easy pattern. Thank you.


Holly Louise said...

keep getting error messages that the page does not exist when trying to see your new patterns! :-(

Marie Anne said...

Hmmm ... I just opened both from the links here with no trouble. I wonder if the site was down for a bit?