December 23, 2012

Two Super Easy Dishcloth Patterns to Crochet

I've been busy with a bazillion other things, but I finally published two super simple dishcloth patterns yesterday.  Both should be able to be completed by even a beginner, and they work up very quickly, great for last minute Christmas gifts if you've still got some people on your list!

This first one is just SC and DC across, with the next row the opposite -- DC in the SC spot, SC in the DC spot.  Ta-da!  I call it the Simple Single Double Dishcloth (< -- click for free pattern and more photos).

The second one is a simple shell dishcloth (< --- click for free pattern and more photos).  I like to keep some of my dishcloths aside to use as facecloths and washcloths for the bath and shower.  I think this shell pattern would look especially nice in a bathroom with a seashell or ocean theme.

That's it for now ... Merry Christmas!

~ Marie Anne

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Sandy said...

Whew, good thing I didn't pop this blog up when DD was home for Christmas. Her favorite colors are what you show above, green and purple. Rounding today from Sandy's Space to wish all a Happy New Years.