May 8, 2013

The Challenge of the Baby Sunhat ... I Won!

Yesterday I posted about wanting to spread out and knit or crochet something outside of my comfort zone, so with a 6-month-old granddaughter who lives in NC, I decided on a baby sunhat.

The pattern was listed in sizes for infant and toddler, and Catie Alice is a big girl, so I went with the toddler size.  It's definitely too big, but I think it turned out ok for my first attempt.  I'm going to modify it to try to get between the infant and toddler sizes and see how that works out.  I also don't like the flower I chose, so will work on that a bit more too.

Once I get the sizing figured out, I'm going to get really brave and try to write up my own crochet pattern for a baby sunhat.  You won't want to miss that!

(click photos to enlarge)

The photos aren't the best since it's cloudy again, but I cheated and added my own sunshine and pretended I was at Onslow Beach.

My model definitely needs to grow into this hat!

~ Marie Anne

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Glory Lennon said...

How adorable! You did great!