February 10, 2019

Almost Reversible Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

You can see that the black is more prominent on
one side, while the reverse looks a little lighter
This puffy shell crochet pattern can be made in two (one light and one dark) or four (two light and two dark) colors.   It’s not completely reversible in that both sides are totally different, but five DCs worked into one stitch makes it a slightly puffy, so the light colors will be more prominent on one side, the dark on the other.

Using four colors won’t be quite as vibrant as the black and white version, but the intensity of the colors will look different on each side as long as you alternate the rows of light and dark colors. It doesn’t matter which color you start with, as long as you repeat the pattern of one row of light, then one row of dark. For a border, work a few rows of single crochet alternating two or more of the colors used in the afghan, or single crochet in one or two colors and then a shell border to give the blanket a finished look.

This pattern can also be made into a full sized afghan, but it can be time consuming to change colors for every row, and then have so many ends to weave in. The shell pattern itself is very easy to crochet, but if changing colors and dealing with those pesky tails is tedious for you, keep that in mind before attempting this pattern to make larger than a baby or lap blanket.

The pattern can be worked in a single color and the shells will still be somewhat puffy, but obviously won’t have the reversible effect.

Materials needed:

Crochet hook size J
Any worsted weight yarn in contrasting light and dark colors
Yarn needle to weave in ends


Ch = chain
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
HDC = half-double crochet
SK = skip
ST = stitch


The starting chain should be a multiple of 6 plus 2, and each multiple of 6 (two shells) measures just under 2”. The following dimensions are approximate, and are before adding your choice of border:

30” wide = chain 98
44” wide = chain 146

Almost Reversible Shell Pattern

For a blanket worked in four colors, colors A and C will be the darker colors, and colors B and D will be the lighter colors. If using only two colors, just alternate A and B.

Note: Color A will also be the first row of SC border around the finished blanket.

For a 30” blanket, ch 98 with color A.

Row 1: Sc in 2d ch from hook and in each ch across; leave tail and cut yarn.

Row 2: Attach color B, ch 1, turn. SC in first st, *sk 2, work 5 DC in next st, sk 2, sc in next st. Repeat from * across; leave tail and cut yarn.

Row 3: Attach color C, ch 3 (counts as first DC), turn. Work 2 DC in first st, * sk 2, work SC in next st, sk 2, 5 DC in next st. Repeat from * across, ending with 3 DC in last stitch.

Row 4: Attach color D, repeat row 2.

(You’ll be making a SC at the peak of the shell in the previous row, and the 5 DC shell in the valley between two shells in the previous row).

Repeat pattern rows 2 and 3 until desired length, ending with row 3.

Last row: Attach color A, ch 1, turn. SC in first DC, *HDC in next 2 DC, DC in SC, HDC in next 2 DC, SC in next DC, repeat from * to end. This will make the top of the afghan even, instead of leaving the scalloped shell at the top, and becomes the top border. SC down both sides with color A to complete the first row of border. Add additional rows of SC and/or a shell border to complete.


~ Marie Anne

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  1. I can't wait to do this pattern. Thank you for sharing.