October 24, 2008

Just What I Needed

A C’ville member mentioned that Hobby Lobby was having a sale on Susan Bates crochet hooks and accessories and that she had purchased aluminum hooks with bamboo handles. I love my Brittany wood crochet hooks but needed an aluminum crochet hook to work with plarn on a project I hope to start soon, so I figured this might be just what I need. 40% off is pretty significant, so off to town I went to investigate further.

I did get one crochet hook, regular price was $2.99 and I was happy to pay $1.79, but of course you can’t go to pick up just the one thing that you’re looking for, right? (I see you nodding your head in agreement).

Up and down the yarn aisles I went, my heart pounding and my pulse increasing as I took in all the pretty colors and textures. A lot of the yarn was marked down, but the special sales were found on the end caps where they appeared to have closeout prices on whatever few skeins were left of a particular type of yarn.

Several jumped out and begged me to take them home, but I had to be a discerning shopper. I live on a challenging fixed income and can’t afford luxuries, but I scrimp and save on other basics in order to indulge myself now and again when I see a special deal.

My eyes got stuck on some Yarn Bee Labyrinth in a gorgeous neon green. It isn’t quite like fun-fur, but rather has little puffs of heavier yarn attached to the thread-like yarn and has just a hint of a sparkle to it, nothing overpowering. There were only two skeins left of this color so I snatched it up at a price of $1.18 each (regular price $5.88). I’m hopeful that the two skeins will be enough for a scarf as I think it would be stunning paired with a black coat or sweater. I’d love to hear other ideas of what to make with this particular yarn.

So once again, I made an unplanned trip to town and my pockets are lighter for it. Who was the wise-guy that mentioned Hobby Lobby was having a sale?
(psst – sale runs through Sat, 10-25)

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craziebunny said...

That is great looking hook was wondering what they looked like!Have fun with that yarn! It is fun when you `get it worked up and want something fluffy!

Yarnjeannie said...

I think you're going to love working with that bamboo-handled hook. I got several in different sizes and they are my favorites!

Lesalicious said...

I never been to Hobby Lobby but, always seeing everyone talking about that place.:) Love the bamboo hook.:) Also wanted to invite you to a crochet board I have running. Take a look join if you like. http://womenthatcrochets.ning.com/