January 7, 2010

Get a Jump on WIP Wednesday

I've contemplated having a theme day for a while now and decided the new year was a good time to get it off the ground.

We all love to see pictures of finished projects, but sometimes a particular item may take quite a while to complete. WIP Wednesday will be an opportunity for you to rustle through your stash and find something you've been working on to share with the rest of us. Knit, crochet, quilt - any sort of craft or home improvement project qualifies.

I'm posting this now so you can be ready for posting your project on WIP Wednesday next week. Grab the code under Rosie's picture and put it in your blog post next Wednesday to link it back here. I'll have the linky up with my debut WIP Wednesday post so that all visitors here will see the link to your post as well.


Caroline said...

good idea!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Marie! This sounds like something I might like to join in on... You know?.. I feel like I've visited before, but I am NOW a follower! LOVE the slippers you made recently! Having just finished my first project since moving, I'm ready to start again on more things.. old projects and new! Happy New Year to you! ~tina