February 12, 2010

Crochet Olympics

It's time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, which means it's also time for the Crochet Games of Ancient Greece.

A number of fellow crocheters at Crochetville will be participating in our own version of the Olympic Games by working on a crochet project that is outside of our comfort zone. We can't start on the piece until the Games begin, and must push to get it done by the time the Olympic Torch is extinguished.

I've chosen to crochet a baby sweater and that's definitely a challenge for me as I've never completed a piece of clothing before. I have a tough time with anything that isn't square or rectangular, so to crochet something with arms and a collar is well beyond my comfort level of blankets and afghans.

I'll be attempting Dot Matthews' Lil Darlin' Baby Sweater shown below, but I'll be doing mine in a pale yellow color.

Let the Games begin!


Caroline said...

Good luck!

Martie said...

That is a very pretty baby sweater! I know you'll do well making it.

My goal is to complete 2 of my WIP's by the end of the Olympics. :) I dare not start anything new.

Shana said...

That is a really cute sweater and I will be rooting you on.