July 19, 2010

Free Pattern - Of Circles, Squares and Sunflowers

I had an idea to crochet an afghan or throw out of granny squares that looked like sunflowers, but wanted a real easy square, something I could do with my eyes closed. Couldn't find one, so thought about doing a simple circle in a square in the right colors that would hopefully make someone think of a sunflower.

With that in mind, I hit up Hobby Lobby and WalMart for colors that would work and was sadly disappointed. None of the colors of brown, golden yellow and green seemed to work together to be sunflower-y. I grabbed what I thought was the closest and came home to look for a pattern that would work.

Once again, couldn't find one. No granny square pattern that was a circle in a square like I had envisioned. Ok, make one. How hard could it be?

Mind you, I've only started doing granny squares this year and while I love them, I'm certainly not at a level to be creating my own. I toyed with it a bit and it started ok, but wouldn't you know it - it was all kindsa ugly in the colors I bought and not a bit like a sunflower at all. It was so bad I couldn't even continue crocheting to finish working out the pattern.

Alrightythen, scrap the sunflower pattern idea entirely and try again with other colors not quite so hideous. Grabbed a pretty aqua-blue which I thought would be nice on a white background and continued to march - uh, stitch.

Here's the finished product. I love the vibrant look, but haven't taken the time to make more squares to see what they'd look like put together. I think the individual squares would work good as a hot pad or pot holder, though, so why not whip out a few in colors to match your kitchen?

Here's the free pattern.  As always, feel free to share the pattern with others, but please do so by providing them the link to the pattern rather than just printing it for them.


crazymotheringchick said...

Coats and Clark has a nice sunflower pattern on its site, and the August issue of Crochet World has a Sunflower Afghan Pattern in it, which, I believe, is also available free online somewhere (I have to hunt that down.) Would either of those help you?

crazymotheringchick said...

Oops, I did mean to also say that is a lovely block, and once again, I love the blue.