July 20, 2010

How Bright is Your Granny Square?

I’ve slacked off enough and it’s time to get WIP Wednesday running again. I enjoy seeing what everyone is working on and hope to expand the meme to the blogosphere as time goes on.

I’ve finished a project or two since I last posted a WIP Wednesday, and now I’m working on yet another afghan, or perhaps lapghan/throw to be donated to my local VA. It’s going to be a simple granny square design joined using the flat-braid join method which I’ve grown to love.

Here’s a picture of the squares from round 1 through 5.

Have you ever noticed how a granny square is transformed with each additional round of color you add? I started with Windsor Blue for the round center, then added a row of Aran which gives it a completely different look - so much brighter. And here comes two rows of Black making it all somber again - oh no! Finishing off with the Windsor Blue perks it up just a bit, but you don’t get the vibrancy of the lighter second row because it’s been surrounded by the darker colors. Yet the completed square is beautiful, and it took each of those rounds of color to make it what it is. No single color of yarn could hope to achieve the same look.

I like to think of each row as a piece of my life. Some rounds were full of darkness, but there were many splashes of color to brighten things up at just the right time. Since I am the artist creating this masterpiece in fiber, I can make it as dull or as vibrant as I wish, much as I am responsible for crafting my own life. It’s up to me to know when to tie off that dark piece of yarn and start anew with a bright, happy color.

Each color has its purpose in unraveling the story that is me and you. Dark places in our lives have meaning, but don’t let them be the focus of the finished product.

This post was especially fitting for a Wednesday, as I'm definitely still a WIP.

How bright is your granny square?

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Martie said...

That is a beautiful square and what a neat analysis of life. I haven't had time to crochet lately but just started a new small project today (in the midst of two other large projects I NEED to get finished). I'll try to find time to post a photo and some info on my blog and get back to the WIP as well!

Theresa Wiza said...

Marie Anne, where did you find the pattern for this granny square?