July 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Using Up Yarn Scraps

Thrifty Thursday is hosted by  Leigh over at Tales From Bloggeritaville.

Crafters are normally thrifty by nature and  if you crochet, you probably have a bag or box somewhere full of small balls of yarn left over from larger projects.  This week I thought I'd highlight three really cute crochet patterns that can help you be thrifty and use up your scrap yarn.

Rather than throw away those yarn remnants when cleaning out your yarn stash, use these three crochet patterns from Jami to turn them into pretty and useful items you can crochet in a jiffy.

First she shows us how to crochet a cute little Scrap Cap.

This hat can be crocheted in a solid, two colors, or several colors of whatever you have on hand in your stash for a really vibrant effect.

Next up is a pretty scarf made from little granny motifs that are joined in a strip, then a crochet border is worked around the whole thing.   Adding fringe to the Spring Stash-Buster Scarf is a nice effect and another good way to use up scrap yarn.

Last on the list is my personal favorite.

I love these Crochet Bows for Gift Wrapping!  Making your own bows out of scrap yarn is a great way to use something that may otherwise be thrown way (or clutter up your craft room) and they can add a unique look to your gift-giving.


Maria said...

Hi Marie Anne, thank you for your recent comment
I have to say that these are fantastic ideas that I will definitely be using for my charity projects - thank you

Glasgow Lindsay said...

The Spring Stash Buster Scarf is a great idea and it looks great. I really enjoy your blog BTW!