August 3, 2010

Crochet Hex Afghan Throw

I started to crochet this hexagon afghan probably two years ago and not even sure why it didn't get finished.  I think I ran out of yarn and just put it up to work on something else until I could get to my LYS, and just never got back to it.  I'm sure I'm the only one that has problem.  Right?

The hex as it is now looks to be about the right size for a cozy lapghan so I think I'll finish off the last row (or perhaps take out the last row, depending on the small amount of yarn I still see attached).  I'll be visiting the VA next week for my volunteer meeting, so I can bring this along to donate for a veteran that is chair-bound or uses a wheelchair.

Here's what I dragged out of my stash.

Here comes Wreggie to get in on the action.

And Jethro thinks it's the perfect spot for a nap.

Until Wreggie decides that Jethro really doesn't need a nap.

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Caroline said...

Love your large hex! Youur animal kids look like they're loving it too!

Denise Kawaii said...

I really like the hex too. I am just starting to expand my knowledge - to date I can only do single lines into a square or rectangle (or blob). You're a great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

love it the hex afghan..can u share the pattern?

crazymotheringchick said...

I love the colors of that, and the hexagon as well. These days I see so many large geometric shapes, and I love them all.

crazymotheringchick said...

Well, piddle! I guess I signed up for that Work In Progress all wrong! Yeah, kind of a doofus. I'll get it right next week, and in the meantime, the little button thing is on my blog to invite others, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really really like your large hex. Great colors. No wonder the pup wants to lay on it -- move over and give me some room too!

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

It's gorgeous!