August 24, 2010

Cleaning Out More WIPs

I'm still determined to pull out all my old crochet WIPs and either finish them or tear them apart to make something new. In some cases I've started something and have no idea what pattern I followed or if I modified a pattern some as I went along, so there's much more ripping out than finishing going on around here.

Such is the case with this cape I started a couple of years ago. I think I started following a pattern and then did my own thing with it so there's no way I'd attempt to pick it up and try to figure it out today.   I'm sure I ran out of yarn and put it aside and then forgot about it as I moved on to crochet other things. Poor unloved little cape probably would have been cute too.

Anywho, I needed more of the dark brown to continue with last week's granny square project, so when I saw the cape in my stash, I decided it would be the next item on the chopping block to meet it's demise. It was much larger than the photo shows here as I had already ripped out quite a bit before remembering to grab my camera.

The brown is already spoken for as I said, but now what to do with the pretty washed denim-like blue?  I don't think there's enough to do a complete project with any size to it, so it'll probably be relegated to my scraps to make granny squares from.  Actually, there might be enough coupled with another color to make a baby blanket.  Maybe that'll be next on my list.

So what're you working on?

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Susie M said...

My WIP Wednesday link is SUPPOSED to say Crocheted Ruffled Purse. I didn't realize I only had 20 characters until it was too late, lol. Oh well, we learn by our mistakes.

Marsha S said...

yep...hard to get much in with 20 characters LOL

thanks for the linky....I'm hoping to see more and more participate with you. I love looking at what others are doing and getting inspiration to keep on working.

Melissa said...

I think it would be a scary sight if I pulled out all of my old WIP's. I know of 2 afghans right now. LOL! But I don't remember what pattern I was using. The Sad thing is, one of the afghans is sooo close to being done. It is almost big enough to fit a twin sized bed.