September 24, 2010

Flat Braid Join Instructions for Granny Squares

I've mentioned in many others posts how much I love the flat braid join method to join granny squares.   It provides a decorative wide row between each square that does resemble a braid.  Since I first saw it several months ago, I haven't used any other method to join my grannies.

There are several good videos available, but I worked up the basics of the written pattern on how to do the flat braid join.  Watch the videos so you can see how it's done, then print the text to have on hand as a refresher.

My instructions vary a bit from the verbal instructions in the video (where she does a single crochet, I prefer a slip stitch), but use whatever you think looks best.

Find the written instructions here (link to video is there also).


Susan said...


Thank You for the intsruction on how to join the granny sqaures...:-)


Clara said...

Thanks for the details...good to know.

Clara said...

Forgot to say how pretty the blanket is-the pink and green and white together.

'Cause I'm a Blonde said...

Thanks for sharing written directions! I had to look up a video just the other week so that I could use since you talk about this method of joining so frequently.
It'll be nice to have notes printed to reference in the future!

Melissa said...

Very pretty blanket. :)

Theresa Wiza said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful, Marie Anne.