September 21, 2010

Is it Time to Crochet With Fall Colors?

Went through my stash the other day to see what I could put together without buying more and came up with these colors that seemed fitting for fall.  It's made up of Red Heart colors in Aran, Claret, Cornmeal and Linen.

Granny Square in Fall Colors - 17 Rounds

Granny Square in Fall Colors - 30 Rounds
I haven't decided yet what this should be.  It's about 32" square now so I could finish it off for a baby blanket, but it's not really the colors most people would probably choose for a little one.  The colors are close to team colors of the San Francisco 49ers or the Washington Redskins, so if someone was a fan of either of those teams they might buy it for their baby, or I could go just a little larger and advertise it as a stadium blanket or lapghan.


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Clara said...

I think you've found a fine color combination. I'm doing the same, trying to use up the yarn I have on hand.

crazymotheringchick said...

I like it as a lapghan, or even bigger, for cuddling on the couch in. I have a couple of those in my house, and they are very popular. The first one I made was claimed by my 14-year-old son, so I had to make myself another. LOL Mine are about 48" square.

Melissa said...

I love it! I think it would make a great stadium blanket. :) I am working on using up what I have too.(Hence the Monster Scrappy and the Summers Dream Round)

Marsha S said...

got my post in for the week.
I think your granny square might be large enough for a lap blanket now by the looks of it on the back of the chair.
I've been wanting to get some lap quilts made to put up for sale. Too many things in the works all at once as usual.

Anonymous said...

It would also be pretty on a tablescape...set catty-corner over a cloth for Autumn. Lovely job!

Regina said...

I love this idea. Now I have to keep busy so that I will have something to show each week.

Susan said...


Nice earthy colors!!! But I'm using a RED right now... For Christmas.

I think Rust and Brown look good togather also.
~ Susan

naida said...

very nice! I love the color combo.

Crochet Christy said...

That's so pretty! Great color choices!