September 20, 2010

Photo Props for Completed Crochet Projects

I'm finally going to start listing a few things on Etsy again but the problem I'm having is taking decent photos. I listed two baby blankets yesterday and have more to list, but I'm not happy with the photos at all.

My camera is decent, but it's difficult to snap a photo that shows the full beauty of a large crocheted piece without it being distorted at one end.   Folding or otherwise arranging it into a smaller piece helps, but you still have to worry about lighting, the right angle, background, etc.  In my case, I also have pet hair to deal with.

I always wash my finished items, but just about anywhere I might put it to take the photo is going to have dog and/or cat hair, no matter how often I vacuum or brush.  I've decided I need some props to properly display my craft and attempt to get good pics.

I've come up with a few ideas of my own and friends on Facebook brainstormed with me too, so I think I'm on the right track for things to look for.  What do you use to take photos of your work?  Any tips to share?


danielle said...

I stacked diaper boxes on the couch and put a white sheet over them. That way baby blankets can drape over the boxes for photos. I have also put baby hats on one of my kitchen canisters.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I would consider, draping them [blankets afghans and large items] on a quilt rack or something of that nature. Also, if you don't have anything like this...take a full view and then zoom in the lens to take close-up highlights of the particular item.

Sharon Marie said...

I've pondered this subject too. I've used the lawn (for big afghans), on a table with plain table cloth on it, even used the back of a black shiny coat as background for smaller objects. You can always take your pictures before you wash the item and then stash in a more or less sealed container. I'll be watching your blog for more ideas. Take care...Sharon

Andi said...

If you haven't checked out Romi at, I highly recommend it. She has FABULOUS photos and might give you some good ideas. I would definitely opt for natural light and not using a flash except to fill in the dark spots - you'll be much happier with the result. And if you just do one overall shot and then several closups of the cooler sections, that can look nice.

As for the cat and dog hair, can you photoshop it out? There are far less expensive programs to do that, but that would be an option - do what you can and edit out the rest.

hope that helps!

Susan said...

Good Morning!

The one that is Pink and Green looks good on that chair... BUt I have found the 2 best things to put items on for pictures... IS either WOOD... Or in dark green grass. ( in the yard... which I CAN NOT do right now.. our grass is on the brown side..:-()

Kate from the garden Bell is wonderul at displaying her afghans!!! Check her out here...

Talk To You later!!!

naida said...

I know what you mean, its hard to get a good shot and show the beauty of the piece.
I like to include close ups as well to show more detail.
I use natural light.