September 18, 2010

An Award - For Me?

Wow, someone thinks I'm talented!

The sweet lady that runs Clara's Crochet Room has blessed me with this award, with the stipulation that I  pass it on to six other talented bloggers.

I believe the words are Portuguese, but it loosely translates to Recognizing Your Talent. Without further ado, I'm handing this award off to the talented folks that maintain these blogs: 

It was tough to choose only six to give the award to since I follow so many super-talented crafty bloggers, but there you have it.  Congratulations, ladies - snag your award and pass it on!


ShawnTe said...

Oh, what a thoughtful gesture!

crazymotheringchick said...

Aw, how nice of you to mention me! Thank you. I do love these squares, I think that pretty purple is going to be a lovely afghan.

Marsha S said...

Thanks so much! I now choose 6 to pass it on to? Where do I find the code? I will add it to my blog tomorrow when I can use anoher computer that I don't have to use the on screen keyboard on.

Susan said...

Thank You!!!

I didn't even know I was in the running for something like this..:-)

I'll have to add it on to my blog tomorow... Tonight I'm worn out from the fireworks show.

Have a great weekend!!!

~ Susan

glor said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much. What a pleasant way to start the day. Have a wonderful day, you've made mine.

Marsha S said...

I got my post up....thanks for the nomination!

Debi Y. said...

Thank you for the award Marie Anne. I've passed it on to 6 other's that I think are very talented. :)