October 19, 2010

Let's Talk Crochet Hats!

Let's talk about crochet hats for a bit ...

I don't even like hats.  I look like crap in hats.  So what got me looking at crochet hat patterns and wanting to try out a few?  Darned if I know.  I think I saw a cute one on Etsy while listing things to my own shop and wanted to see if I could make one worthy of trying to sell.

So off I go to look at hat patterns.  Hundreds of them.  Rasta hats.  Santa hats.  Newsboy caps.  Earflaps.  Beanies.  How to decide which would be easy enough for my fingers to have a go at, and what would people be interested in buying?

I settled on this pattern for starters.  I did it as written the first time around, with the bpdc.  I didn't like it at all.  She said if using stiff yarn it would stick out more and it did.  Blech.  I switched to the softer aran and it was better, but I still didn't like the ridges.  The darker gray one I did the first time looked like a Darth Vader helmet.  Maybe I could market it as Halloween costume?  I'll have to think about that for next year.

But I digress ...

I opted to do the regular DC instead of the bpdc as the alternative she mentions in her pattern, and I liked that much better.  Here's the finished product, with a row of chain as an accent instead of the ribbon.  I think it turned out ok for my first project.

I think I'll try working out my own pattern with a similar shape but different stitch, maybe something with a little texture to it.   That qualifies this for my WIP post, right?

So ... what colors do you see for this hat?

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Sharon Marie said...

I think it looks really sharp with the front of the brim turned up!

Clara said...

I really like your version Marie. I think any shad of grey might be nice as it would go with just about anything and would stay a little cleaner looking than a lighter color.
I hope you do come up with your own pattern Marie. I like the way you write your patterns.

"Never Knew" said...

Your hat looks great, Marie. I know what you mean about patterns - I get semi-obsessed about something (hats, slippers, baby clothes, whatever) and end up searching all over the internet for patterns. Then I finally make something and the obsession either goes or increases! :-)

By the way, I mentioned you over in my blog today - gave links to here so my readers can learn about Flat Braid Joining. I'd never heard about it before reading your blog and I love it!

Caz from Never Knew :)

glor said...

Great hat ... love all the different looks!

Susie M said...

I like the flexibility of your hat. And I REALLY don't like to do bpdc's, they just don't trip my trigger. I think it looks just fine in all dc's.
I think a denim yarn with a cream trim would be nice. Would look nice to wear with jeans no matter what color your coat is.

Melissa said...

Love your hat :)

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

I think it is really cute, especially with the brim turned up. Colors.. maybe green with a gold trim for Christmas time?

Marsha S said...

the hat is very cute! I don't like to wear hats either. I've crocheted myself ear warmers.

I'm a little slow getting my WIP up this morning...computer froze up on me while I was trying to get the photos off my camera.

Off I go now to check out the others.