October 23, 2010

Ugliest Crochet Pattern Contest Giveaway

Do you have a favorite ugly crochet pattern?  Share it for a chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card in the first annual Ugliest Crochet Pattern Contest!

The giveaway will last through the month and end at midnight on October 31st.  What better way to close out Halloween than with a contest about ugly?

All contest entries must be for a pattern available online.  It can be a free pattern or one that is available for a fee, as long as it is accessible for everyone to look at without cost.  Some sites require you to sign up to be able to view the patterns and that's fine, as long as there is no fee to do so.

So start looking then make a blog post with your link to the ugliest crochet pattern you can find and link to your blog by clicking on 'click here to enter' below (look at the other entries first so that you don't enter one that's already listed).  Make sure that your ugly crochet pattern blog post links back to this post on my blog so your readers will know to come back here and vote. You may enter more than once, but make a separate blog entry for each ugly pattern you wish to enter into the contest.

Sign up below to add the ugliest crochet pattern you can find to the contest.   Feel free to make comments as we go along, but I'll make a new blog post after the first of November for everyone to officially vote on.

NOTE:  This is for the ugliest pattern you can find online, not the ugliest thing you've actually crocheted.  I'll think of another contest for that later!

The winner will receive the code for a $5 gift card from amazon.com.  I love getting an extra $5 off the already low prices on books and accessories available at amazon.com, so I'm sharing one of my gift cards with you, my faithful readers.  Want to earn your own free gift cards?  Join me at Swagbucks!

I've got my entry ready to go and will share it at contest end if someone else doesn't list it first!  Ready?  Set? Go!


Anonymous said...

I hope I did it right. Really, nearly everything from this pattern site freaks me out (except for some of the cardigans/sweaters).

Marie Anne said...

Bev, I need you to make a post on your blog with the link to the pattern you think is ugliest. The idea is to get people to view your blog too.

Caroline said...

Bev-OMG!!! It burns my eyes.......ewwwww! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I posted about it today.