November 12, 2010

Crochet Hat and Scarf Patterns for FPF (Free Pattern Friday)

I'm on a hat kick and decided to try to make my own simple pattern.  It's my favorite stitch that I use for a lot of things, and just adapted it to work in the round for this hat.

Here it is in pink:

... and again in black, with a stripe.

Pair the hat with a scarf and you have a nice set for gift-giving.  You can make many different scarves from this same pattern stitch by varying the width and adding stripes.  It's a very versatile crochet stitch pattern.

I hope you like them!

** Like all of my patterns, you may print a copy for your own use, but if sharing with others, please give them the link to the pattern or to this blog post. Don't post the entire pattern. **


'Cause I'm a Blonde said...

yeah! Very excited to make these to go with a pair of fingerless gloves that are 55% completed from last weekend :-)
By the way, using the Bernat Jacquard yarn for these and it looks GREAT!
Hope to have finished photos to post next week!

Clara said...

Hi Marie Anne,
Yes, this is also a favorite of mine. I have blogged about it so much but it is so versatile and has such a finished look to it. It is quick and easy to do up to. Love the hat.