November 16, 2010

Scarves and Neckwarmers This Week

This week I've been working on scarves and mini-scarf/neckwarmer patterns.  I played with a FPDC stitch to make a neckwarmer and got a few done to list on Etsy, and have custom orders to do several more.  I've got the pattern written up and should have it published in the next few days, hopefully.  I think it'll be a hit!

Here's the first one I did and listed on Etsy the other day.

I have a few more done but didn't get pictures yet.  They just need buttons to complete and fill the custom orders, and probably two more to list on Etsy.  I need to find some decent buttons that won't cost too much, preferably shank buttons since it has to go through a fairly thick piece with the FPDC.

I picked up this pink and brown camo yarn at Hobby Lobby the other day (it's their I Love This Yarn) and mentioned it on Facebook and a friend said her daughter loves pink and camo, so she wants me to make scarves for both of her young daughters.  I worked up swatches for her to look at and decide which pattern she wanted.

The color isn't the best in these photos, but you get the general idea.  I think they're going to be adorable, and hope she likes them.

Also working on another hat pattern I found today, and think it'll work for men too.  I've been doing lots of stuff for the ladies, and the gents have been left out, so need to fix that.  I'm also still working on a light box so I can get better quality photos.

So ... what're you working on?

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glor said...

The neck warmer is gorgeous, it wil be a hit for sure! Love the swatches, the pink camo is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Clara said...

Love the first one. It really would look good on anyone.

Marsha S said...

Mine is up. I'm getting orders in which is awesome. I don't mind the distraction from other crafts to work on orders :)

I love the stitches you are using. I'm looking at the hat pattern too....should make some for my daughters.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Marie Anne,
Your neck warmer is wonderful. The tan one is very classy looking.