November 30, 2010

Hat, Scarf and Neckwarmer Mania

This week I'm working diligently on custom orders.  A fellow writer purchased a hat from me last month in Ohio State Buckeye colors of scarlet and gray for his wife.  I guess she was happy with it because she wants a pink one for Christmas, so he ordered the hat with matching scarf.  I've got the hat done and will finish up the scarf tonight. I'm using my own pattern that I posted about here.  I'll share the hat pattern on a future FPF.

My customer's wife loved the Buckeye hat so he
ordered one in pink with matching scarf for Christmas.
I'm also working on several neckwarmers (like the ones here) for another writer friend for her four kids.  I love to wear one around my neck to ward off the chill in the house, and I'm hoping they'll keep her little ones toasty in the Colorado weather.  This waffle pattern using the FPDC stitch is very thick and warm without being heavy, and stretches nicely too.  I'll share the pattern for that one too on a future FPF post.

Are you working on Christmas gifts?

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Sharon Marie said...

Very nice. It's always nice to have return customers.

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Marie Anne,
Oh yes, I am working on Christmas projects too. Your hat is really cute! Sounds like you are very busy. I am hoping to finish a couple of my projects by the end of the week, yes hoping! Have a great Wednesday.

Clara said...

Hi Marie,

I really like this hat. I like these because I think they look good on anyone. I'm presently working on one that I promised Cate I'd try over at and then I'm going to try your pattern here. I really like the amigurumi you are working on too!

Marsha S said...

OMG! I just got my post listed...crazy day running and running some more away from home.

I like your hat...and still have my girls telling me they want hats made for Christmas...but they want ones with ties, and cat ears.