December 3, 2010

Free Cable Stitch Scarf Pattern

This crochet cable stitch isn't like the raised cable stitch you normally see in knitting, but it's still a pretty stitch that can be used for any crochet project that you would normally work in DC.   There's no real counting involved, so if you need to make a blanket or scarf quickly but want something a bit more decorative than just DC throughout, this stitch is a good candidate.

Here's the pattern for the cable scarf pictured above, and the pattern for the matching hat will be published soon and will likely show up on next week's Free Pattern Friday.

The crocheted cable stitch is really nothing more than simple DC stitches, but one of them is a type of long double crochet that is worked over the previous three stitches. A photo tutorial of how to do the stitch can be found here.

Close-up of the cable stitch in crochet


'Cause I'm a Blonde said...

I love this! I recently found out about a mom and daughter joining the family over Christmas this year and just ordered some yarn yesterday to make 2 simple scarves to give as gifts. I can't wait to get the yarn and try this stitch out!
You have such a creative eye for making something "basic" not so basic :-) My mom and I have also been really enjoying your free patterns (you do a great job of explaining!)

Clara said...

Thanks again Marie Anne...another wonderful pattern. I just bet this would make a beautiful baby blanket.

glor said...

This is such a beautiful pattern. Thank you for sharing it. Have a nice weekend.

Mindy said...

Very nice! I like the extra touch.

Marsha S said...

one of my gather friends has a list of weekly linkys for crafts and such. I thought you might want to check it out and add your WIP Wednesday to the list. I would love to see more and more participate, it's so much fun each week!