December 8, 2010

Dishcloths and Neckwarmers

This week's crochet projects include both dishcloths and neckwarmers. An online friend and fellow writer liked the neckwarmers I have on Etsy and asked if I could do some for her kids. I've got three done, just need to do the fourth and figure out what buttons to add, then they'll be off to her, hopefully by the end of the week.

I had another sale on Etsy, this time from an employee of Y!CN (Yahoo! Contributor Network, formerly Associated Content - the site where I publish my free patterns and other articles). He ordered sage green dishcloths for his own kitchen, then decided they'd be nice to have on hand for gifts and ordered another set of four, this time in the variegated yellow.

I've got one of the yellow dishcloths done and should be able to complete the other three in the next day or so to get those two orders out the door too.  I'm using my favorite dishcloth pattern - mine!

I've got a few other things finished that I need to get pics of to list on Etsy. I've been pulled in several different directions lately (dealing with sick chickens, among other things), but need to stay focused and organize and prioritize my 'what's done/what's left to do' lists.

What's up with you this week?

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Marsha S said...

I still love your pattern for the dishcloths!

Y! Darnell said...

Really excited about my new dishcloths! :)

Lyn Lomasi said...

Thanks Marie! Can't wait to get the neckwarmers. Darnell, you will love the dishcloths! So much better than store-bought!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

I know what you mean about getting straight what still needs to get done! Hope your chickens will be okay. I like the variegated yellow, good choice. Have a great Wednesday!

Clara said...

Neck warmers look great, sorry about the chickens and great about the continued sales!