December 10, 2010

Free Neckwarmer, Scarflette Pattern in Waffle Stitch

As promised in earlier blog posts, this week's pick for FPF (Free Pattern Friday) is for my neckwarmer that looks like a waffle.  I love this stitch as it is thick and warm without being heavy, and is perfect for draping around your neck and tucking into your coat.  Make it with or without button closure to suit your fancy.

Waffle Stitch Neckwarmer Pattern

Even a beginnner can make this pattern easily enough as it's no more than DC and FPDC (front post double crochet).  If you need help on how to complete the FPDC, there's a link to a photo tutorial for that too.

If you have a few people left on  your Christmas gift list, these would be a good choice as they are suitable for man, woman or child.  Buy yarn in their favorite colors and complete a few in a single evening while watching old Christmas movie classics.

Color nature with Copic markers!


"Never Knew" said...

I like this stitch pattern a lot - thanks so much for generously sharing your pattern!
Caz :)

Stitch 'n Frog said...

Thank you for sharing this great pattern. I needed a good, unisex, one skein neckwarmer pattern to make for charity. And this one fits the bill perfectly!!!

Thank you so much~

Tanya said...

How fun! I love this pattern...I've made several scarves with it (and I thought I was being "original"... funny how good ideas seem to come to several people at once!). I will have to try it as a shorter neckwarmer now. Thank you for posting the pattern.

Heather said...

What does this mean in crochet "terms"from row 2(NOTE: after the last FPDC, the turning ch will be behind it, so pull it to the left/front to insert last DC of row)??

Are we supposed to do a FPDC on the TCH? Then do another DC somewhere to finish the row?

If your do a FPDC the stitch behind it isn't used and that's what you mentioned about the TCH being behind "it".

There would have to be a ch3 at the beginning of each row in order for there to BE a TCH. You have ch2 which would be for Half Double Crochets.

Things don't really ad up.