December 30, 2010

Won't You Help Me Help Rissa?

If you've looked at any of my crochet pattern links, you know I write and publish on YCN (Yahoo! Contributor Network, formerly known as Associated Content).  We just found out yesterday that a fellow freelance writer was handed a not-so-nice Christmas present - she's been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a very aggressive form of leukemia.

Rissa is a beautiful young wife and mother, and inspiration to many.  Her treatments will start immediately and her writing will be pushed aside as she battles this monster.  By reading her articles, you'll be helping penny by penny, and they do add up.  

I've committed to personally donating my writing bonus for the month of December to a fund to help Rissa. Since the new year is upon us, she'll be faced with large out-of-pocket expenses until her insurance deductibles are met.  We're hoping to ease some of that financial burden for Rissa's family so that she can concentrate all of her energies on tackling this beast that is trying to overtake her.

You can help me help Rissa by clicking here to read any of my articles that interest you.  Some of them may be familiar to you as I have all of my free patterns there, but there are a few recipes and miscellaneous other topics as well, including an op/ed or two.  Please don't click blindly, but only those that you'd genuinely like to read.  I'm not trying to buck the system, just trying to help a friend in need.  If you see a pattern or other article that you like, feel free to pass on the link to your friends.

As of this morning's update, I have earned $181.24 for December.  I'd like to hit $200 in the next two days and I'll need your help to do it. Thank you, from Rissa and the freelance writing community.


Lenni said...

Best of luck to her!! (HUGS)

Clara said...

Thanks for telling us about this Marie and I will be sure to read your articles between today and tomorrow to help out.

I'm very familiar with this disease being an ex president of Ronald McDonald House in Halifax, NS years ago.

Marsha S said...

I am heading in right now to give them all a view!!

I also want to tell you that I have given you a blog award.... check out my post at