January 5, 2011

Slippers and Hat Showcased This Week

Thanks to everyone that helped out by reading my articles to help my fellow freelancer, Rissa Watkins.  I just missed my $200 goal, but a friend threw in the few bucks needed to make the mark.

This week I'm working on some slippers from my slipper sock pattern.  I've got one pair done except for cinching the toe and making the laces, but that'll only take a minute or two.  I need another pair so I'll have to hunt through my stash for what yarn I have on hand to put together into something halfway coordinated.

I'm also working on a hat in Hobby Lobby's black fleck ILTY.  I'm modifying a pattern to fit a young lady that wanted something with sort of a flapper look.  I think I have the pattern that'll work, but it will take a bit of tweaking.

What's up with you this week?

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Marsha S said...

Post is up for this week.
You do stay busy too...isn't it nice?
We are supposed to have sewing club at church next week, but it looks like really bad weather will be here, so I'm guessing the lady's will go ahead and call it off. I sure hope not, as I love going each month!

mommaof3 said...

I love the color of the slippers.

Faith said...

I'm out of the loop with the hook for a while..temporary I'm sure. I do have a afghan I started 2 years ago, which needs joined and an edging put on..I am going to finish up this year...I ran out of steam on it...I don't like joining...that is my project until I begin another..by then I may be ready....Have a great day.

Marsha S said...

I'm extra early posting this week....I will remember (I hope) to come back and check in after my dentist appt.

Sandy said...

Love the idea of a slipper sock and saw your pictures, but after clicking multiple times on all your links, never did find where you had the actual pattern (stitch count etc). I've made many pairs in a similar fashion (without the ties), and less socky...if there's such a word. lol But, thought this would be a good quick one to post on my blog for this months focus...slippers. This months project is Toasty Tootsies.


Marie Anne said...

Sandy, I'm not sure what you're missing. The link to the pattern is in the second paragraph, click the words 'slipper sock pattern'. It comes right up for me.

It should bring you here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2270893/quick_and_easy_slipper_pattern_to_crochet.html?cat=24