February 20, 2011

Craft Book Giveaway

While looking for giveaways to feature on one of my other blogs this morning, I came across Stitch Tac Sew, a blog dedicated to all sorts of fiber crafts.  Nikki, the blog owner, is giving away a free craft book each Monday.

I missed out on last week's giveaway because she closes out entries on Friday evening, but you can bet I'll be headed for her blog Monday morning to see what she's giving away next!

Keep an eye on this blog for more crafty giveaways, coupons, sales and freebies.  I'm planning my own contest soon, and trying to think of something unique to give away.  If I do, what type of things would you like to see offered?  Crochet books, pattern books, crochet hooks, yarn, gift certificates ... what?


Anonymous said...

I am planning on starting giveaways myself, soon. I created a poll for it, to get a better idea of what my readers like, (although, I don't have many readers right now).

Mindy said...

Fun! I can't wait... I'm sure anything you come up with will be fun for your audience!

Clara said...

Thanks for the link and I would love yarns and hooks.