March 16, 2011

Which is the WIP?

Several things going on this week, not all of them good.  I've been crocheting and ripping, starting something new and frogging again.  Story of my life.

I started this ripple afghan a year or two ago, and like so many other projects, it got put aside for one reason or another.  I loved the color combination, but didn't know what size hook I'd used and just didn't feel like dealing with it.  Sometimes ripping things apart can be therapeutic, so rip I did and started to make a giant granny square blanket with it instead.

Ripple Afghan Gets Repurposed

Giant Granny in Progress

I worked on this project quite a bit yesterday with Jethro (JRT) and Shirley (calico cat) curled up beside me on the couch.  I got up to toss a load of laundry in and wasn't gone five minutes; this is what I came back to.

I splurged and bought myself a set of wooden crochet hooks on Christmas and Jethro decided it made a nice chew toy.  The least the little bugger could have done was chew the other end off instead of the tip with the hook!

The Culprit - Doesn't He Look Guilty?
Fortunately for him I had a plastic hook on hand the same size, so he was given a reprieve.  He's definitely a work in progress.

So ... what're you working on this week?

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Sue said...

I dont have any wooden crochet hooks, but I do have wooden knitting needles...and my dear sweet Maggie (a dachhound) loves them...she has chewwed up at least 3 I understand your pain...

Mindy said...

I love the afghan! Sorry about the crochet hook... =(

Sandy said...

Thanks for the visit, had totally forgotten you also do a WIP. Using computer at work, which loads slowly, so will aded code when I get home and am on my computer.

Love the blanket in both forms, and now exactly what you mean when you put away something without leaving a note to know where you left off or what size hook you used. I bought 2 complete sets and my new method to help with that problem is to leave the hook right with the wip, along with pattern if possible.


Caroline said...

He does look remorseful....but still lovable! Thanks again for hosting my patterns at your site!

Sandy said...

Tried again, this time I get a message about some blogs blocking code. I should be #7. Can you add me url is I've got the link/code from your block above, but can't seem to get my blog and name added to your linky.

Marsha S said...

I'm listed a little late this week....looks like I have several to go check out too!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you have a second hook! And yes, he does look guilty... Fun projects!

Theresa Wiza said...

I have incomplete projects too. I kick myself when I can't remember which crochet hook I used. And you're right, tearing the projects apart is therapeutic, though the first time I did it, I was so angry with myself I almost gave up crocheting. Didn't last long. I eventually forgave myself. Maybe we should start photographing our projects WITH the crochet hook, so we'll remember ;)

Sara said...

What a wonderful Blog! I just stumbled on it! I loaded my work in progress..making dec. dog collars. Thanks!

Susan Rudinsky said...

Love the granny square! And I love Jethro... you can't stay mad at that face!! :o)

Clara said...

Well, my cat Fizzy and your dog Jethro must have been talking cause they both ate the tips off of our crochet you think they are trying to get our attention??